Targetted Cereal Drive Adds Up for Accountants Care

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This year, some of London's top accountants competed against each other with a primary goal of collecting cereal for the Business Cares Food Drive. Almost one month later, the competition has added up to an incredible 972 boxes of cereal, $4,525 in cash donations, and over 2,000 other items donated to this year's Business Cares Food Drive. 

Participating firms included Blue Caribou Chartered Accountants, Davis Martindale, Furlonger Associates Professional Corporation, Marcus & Associates, MNP LLP, and PWC.

Collecting under the name "Accountants Care," the organizations focused on collecting boxes of cereal -- a vital need for the Food Bank, and one that's been underserved since the departure of Kellogg's from London. The accountants were determined to fill that void and this year's collection will truly make a difference in our community. 

A collection of cereal boxes for the food bank

A collection of food for the food bank.

A collection fo food for the food bank