Donations of 588,000 Pounds Worth of Food Show Londoners Generosity Remains a Certainty in Uncertain Times

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Though the times may be uncertain, one thing that remains consistent is the generosity and willingness of London businesses, employees, and citizens to answer the call for people who need support. Thanks to the generosity of people throughout the Forest City, the Business Cares Food Drive has been able to raise 588,000 pounds’ worth of food through its 2021 campaign.

These donations support the London Food Bank and the over 30 programs and organizations that it, in turn, supports. 

“We know it’s a hard ask for many people. With changes in the workforce, ongoing concerns about COVID and the new variant, we weren’t certain at the start of the campaign if Londoners had the capacity to support the cause,” campaign chair Wayne Dunn explained. “We knew the will is always there, but we are so humbled that our community chose to find a way.

“I say it every year, because it’s always proven true -- London businesses, employees, and citizens always answer the call when people are in need.”

The 2021 Food Drive, the 22nd iteration of the campaign, concluded yesterday with its day of giving. The final total of 588,000 pounds’ worth of food represents a decrease of just over one per cent over last year’s record total. 

“Though the numbers are slightly down this year, we can honestly say that this year’s total represents some of the campaign’s greatest successes ever,” Dunn explained. “For the second consecutive year, we’ve approached this campaign not knowing what the end result would be. But in spite of another year of COVID-related challenges, Londoners came through. This is truly a celebration of our community and the resolve Londoners have to support those who need it most.”

Jane Roy, co-director of the London Food Bank, echoed Dunn’s sentiment and said that this year’s drive is going to make a difference for so many in our community.

"Each and every year, I talk to the campaign team and say that we’re thrilled with anything that we receive,” Roy added. “It’s not about being humble, but it’s about realizing that for more and more people, times are getting tougher. We see this at the Food Bank as more people are using our services.

“Results like what we saw from this year’s campaign are just a reflection of how strong and supportive our community is. We’re truly honoured by the support and Londoners’ donations are going to have a huge impact on so many people’s lives.”