Business Cares Food Drive Raises 550,650 Pounds' Worth of Food for London Food Bank

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It’s been a tough year in London with economic pressures, inflation impacting food costs, and ongoing Covid-related issues challenging many. One thing that’s never uncertain is that the roots of the Forest City are grounded in generosity and caring – and the 2022 Business Cares Food Drive results have shown that London businesses, employees, and citizens are still able answer the call for people who need support. 

At its campaign wrap up today, the Business Cares Food Drive announced it raised 550,650 pounds’ worth of food and equivalent food from cash donations, which will go to he London Food Bank and the over 30 programs and organizations that it, in turn, supports. 

“Though we may not have broken our previous records, we can honestly say that this year’s campaign is an unqualified success,” Dunn explained. “We know Londoners are struggling with the ongoing ramifications of Covid, employment challenges, and issues caused by inflation and higher costs of living. But despite all that, Londoners showed the depth of their resolve to support those who need it most.

“I say it every year, because it’s always proven true -- London businesses, employees, and citizens always answer the call when people are in need.”

The 2022 Food Drive, the 23rd iteration of the campaign, concluded today with its day of giving. The final total of 550,650 pounds’ worth of food represents a slight decrease from last year’s totals. However, when factoring in the increased cost of food and inflation, this year’s total represents a slight increase in total value from last year’s total.

Jane Roy, co-director of the London Food Bank, echoed Dunn’s sentiment and said that this year’s drive is going to make a difference for so many in our community.

"Each and every year, I talk to the campaign team and say that we’re thrilled with anything that we receive,” Roy added. “It’s not about being humble; it’s a reality that reflects the times we live in. In November, we saw our highest level of Food Bank usage. The agencies with whom we work and support are seeing increased need from the community. Yet results like today show how wonderfully strong and supportive our community is. We’re truly honoured by the support and Londoners’ donations are going to have a huge impact on so many people’s lives.”