Virtual Spring Food Drive

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These are the times when community matters most.  With the COVID-19 pandemic response creating so much uncertainty, Business Cares has been asked to assist with the London and Area Food Bank’s annual Spring Food Drive that runs from April 3 through April 13.

But we’re going to have to do things a little (or lot) differently this time around. 

Due to social distancing requirements, we won’t be able to have drop-off food locations, events, and gatherings. Instead we’re asking you to support, if you are able to, the campaign directly by making an online donation, or to get your donation to one of our partners. We already know the Food Bank and the 25 other Social Agencies that depend on it are going to experience increased demand over the months ahead and having monetary funds available to them to go out and purchase exactly what they need from various suppliers will be a massive help.

We also ask you to share this message with your friends, family, colleagues, and associates. Please know we are grateful for all the donations received not too long ago through our annual Christmas Drive. Also know this is an unusual and unplanned request. 

This is a very challenging time -- businesses and people are taking measures to help reduce the spread of the virus, even at considerable cost to themselves, and that extends to their employees. Two of our main partners LHBA and LDCA have already committed to help anyway they or their members can through their association and we thank them for that. 

If you have the capacity and would like to assist the Virtual Spring Food Drive campaign, you can make a donation to any of the options below, payable to London Food Bank/Business Cares.

  1. Go to donate and click on the Canada Helps link (or go directly from this link). Where it says, "Apply Your Donation to a Specific Fund Set Up by this Charity," use the drop-down menu to select "3. Virtual Spring Food Drive." Complete the donation and a tax receipt will be immediately issued.
  2. Mail your donation to "Mike Evans, Treasurer London & Area Food Bank, 91 Highland Woods Crt. London, ON N6C-5X2." A tax receipt will be mailed to you.
  3. Drop or make arrangements to have donation sent to the London Home Builders Office. Send to "LHBA, 571 Wharncliffe Rd S. London ON. N6J-2N6." A tax receipt will be mailed to you.
  4. Drop or make arrangements to have donation sent to the London District Construction Association.  Send to "LDCA, 331 Aberdeen Dr. London ON. N5V-4S4." A tax receipt will be mailed to you. 
  5. Contact Mike Evans, Treasurer of London Food Bank at 519-673-2156 to arrange a pick-up.
  6. Contact Wayne Dunn, Chair Business Cares at 519-661-9803 to arrange a pick-up.

So, thank you for considering and if things are not just right for you to do anything at this stage, please don’t worry, London will always have enough people and businesses to take care of everyone around when a need like this arises, hence our slogan…Taking Care of Business means Taking Care of People!

Thank you on behalf of the Business Cares Food Drive Team.